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IMG_4571 named
IMG_4568 2 named
IMG_4454 3 names
IMG_4444 2 named
IMG_4436 1 named
IMG_4430 named
IMG_4427 1 named
IMG_4411 1 named
IMG_4413 1 named
IMG_4402 1 named
IMG_4392 1 names
IMG_3563 Monk Bar Gargoyles named
IMG_4378 1 names
IMG_4387 1 named
IMG_4373 named
York Minster from Duncomb Place in Winter 2012 named
IMG_3551 York Minster, late Autumn 2012 named
DSCF1307 Saint Mary's Abbey, Museum Gardens, York copy
IMG_3560  Autumn colour named
DSCF1261 Moon through Masonry St Marys Abbey
IMG_4559 named
IMG_4565 Minster with blossom named
IMG_4583 2 named
IMG_4580 Minster green 2 named
IMG_4599 St. Williams named
IMG_4655 Ice house named copy
IMG_4643 1 named
IMG_4622 Fossgate Bridege 5 named
IMG_4624 Fossgate bridge named
IMG_4509 1 named
IMG_4507 1 named
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